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 moon palace

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PostSubject: moon palace   Tue May 20, 2008 3:57 pm

the structure of this magnificent palace stand at a height of 10000 ft tall and has a place in the sky were it stay suspended in the air by eight giant silver wings that protrude from either side on the ground where the palace lay.
this palace might seem to be ordinary but is very much not for the outside walls of it are made of pure silver while the window seals are guilded with gold where the door is made from pure marble and also lined with gold trims.
walk inside the palace and first you will see are the two curved stairways that lead up into the higher levels of the palace that hold the bedrooms and bathrroms and also at the second to last floor will be a roost for dragons and griffens alike and at the very top is a astrology look out with a mega scope on all four coners of the roof.
back downstairs are an elegant ballroom, entertainment room, bar area,library.lower dungeons, and a beautiful dining hall complete with tapestrys and a long mohogany table, chairs and fine china included with goblet, behind the dining hall is where the kitchen is located filled with everything you could possibly imagine.
in the back yard there are many gardens that hold many flowers, fruits and vegitables, and just beyond that is a giant lake that never empties even though some of the water runs off the edge of the palace grounds and lands into the planet below.

(now lets begin)

the man awakens from his long slumber climbing from his bed and onto the floor he then stretchs his limbs and wings at the same time and then walks lesiurely to the bathroom where he takes a nice hot shower and brushes his teeth after that he dresses into a new set of p.j's and a long black robe.

"i wonder what i will do to day..."

the man says as he makes his way down stairs and into the kitchen were he fixes him self a glass of juice and a bowl of oatmeal and then taking his breakfast to the table where he reads a book from his library
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moon palace
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