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 welcome to the site!!

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Angel of the Night

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PostSubject: welcome to the site!!   Sun May 18, 2008 6:40 pm

Welcome and thank you to all who come and join the site my name is Angel of the Night and i am the Admin of the site curantly this site is new and has yet to have been able to add more Admins, but soon with time there will be more Admins and also Mods on this site to monitor the threads, but as you all know with new sites comes rules... well theres a limited set of rules and here they are
1.No spaming shall be made unless in the spaming threads bad mouthing the staff members nor fellow members, if there is any of this i shall be told and swift action will be taken.

3.limit your cursing in threads there might be kids in the age catogory of 13 and under.

4.There shall be no sexual content on this site if i catch anyone spaming sex content or talking in a vulger way of the sort they will be punished(that means cybering or nudy pics).

5.Do not start a conflict amongst any of the members or gossiping about who did what.

6.And if you are wanting to let people know about a site you have created tell me about it and get the notice if you may do so or not on this site.

7.Have fun and be safe!
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welcome to the site!!
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